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Preseason “Fundamentals” Training

Join us for Preseason Fundamentals this June!

Fundamentals month is specifically designed for players new to the game.  It assists them to “get a feel” for what they can expect when regular season training begins, to become familiar with the terminology and some of the skills that may not translate from other sports.

It’s also a great opportunity for our established players to start conditioning, brush up on the skills they may have missed throughout previous seasons or learn about a new position.

It’s also fabulous for those who just can’t wait to get out there!

Sessions during the month of June will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the following times:

  • Colts from 6pm-7pm
  • Men and Women from 7pm-8.30pm

We have 2 new coaches this year who have both previously played Division 1 USA College Football and they arrive in time to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to these sessions.

Regular season training starts from July so if you’re thinking of joining us this year the Fundamental Preseason  sessions are for you!



Coaches Profile – Andrew Brundu

UNSW RAIDERS MEN’S HEAD COACH The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce Andrew Brundu as the  2018 Men’s Head Coach.  Andrew has been a valuable member of the club for many years and we wish him every success for the coming season.

Coaching Philosophy: “Playing football is about 2 words “Discipline & Fun.” You must be disciplined to play football but football needs to be fun. We want our players to enjoy playing a game that has taught me so many life lessons and in turn to have so many wonderful memories and amazing life friends. Its a tough goal, to have a player smiling during collision, but its a goal I think all our coaches can achieve.” Andrew Brundu

Coaching Experience: 

  • Defensive Coach for the Raiders Gridiron Club from 1987 -1993, 2008 and 2016 till current
  • Defensive Coach for NSW from 1988 – 1992 winning the first National championship as a player/coach.

Playing Experience:

  • Raiders Gridiron Club from 1983 as a Tight End
  • Played is every NSW State Team from 1987 through to 1993
  • Raiders Gridiron Club from 1984 – 1993 as a Line Backer



Coaches Profile – Ryan Green

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ryan Green as an Offensive Coach for the UNSW Raiders Men and Colts teams.  Ryan will also be assisting with RGA Youth Gridiron Program.  We welcome Ryan to Australia and to the UNSW Raiders Gridiron Club.

Coaching Experience: Ryan has just finished his final year of eligibility playing Division 1 football at the University of California Davis where he played Wide Receiver however he has had not previous coaching experience.

His Philosophy: “As I have just finished my playing career in the states, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience of playing Division 1 college football with others, especially internationally.

Playing under multiple coaching staffs during my 5 years at UC Davis, I saw many things that worked and many things that didn’t work and with this knowledge, I hope to improve the Raiders staff. I believe having fun playing the sport lies at the basis of success, and I plan to bring my energy and youth to make sure this goal is fulfilled.”  Ryan Green


Coaches Profile – Tim Wakeham

UNSW RAIDERS WOMEN’S HEAD COACH The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce Tim Wakeham as our 2018 Women’s Head Coach.  Tim has a wealth of experience coaching women’s football in Europe and we wish him every success for the coming season.

Coaching Philosophy: “To me, American football is the ultimate team sport and a perfect mix of strategy and power.  As an *“old man”*, I have a fondness for old-style option & power football but it’s been both fun and challenging learning more about spread style offences over the last few years.  I enjoy helping others not only improve their skills, but also their knowledge of American football. Good players and coaches never stop learning and I hope that each year, while helping others, I can also improve my own knowledge and skills as a coach.”  Tim Wakeham

Coaching Experience:

  • UNSW Raiders 2017
  • Solna Chiefs U17 2017
  • Swedish Ladies National Team 2015
  • Stockholm Mean Machines Ladies 2015-2016
  • Stockholm Mean Machines Superserien 2013-2015
  • Newcastle Cobras 2011-2013
  • Newcastle Pirates Juniors 1994-1996

Coaching Qualification:

  • Gridiron Australia – Level One Gridiron Coach (2012)

Playing Experience:

  • Newcastle Cobras 1989-1995
  • NSW 1992-1993
  • Sutherland Seahawks 1997-1999
  • Tuggeranong Tornadoes 2000-2002
  • ACT 2001



2018 Coaching Staff

The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce the coaching staff for 2018. We wish them and our teams all the very best of luck for the upcoming season!


  • Head Coach: Andrew Brundu
  • Offensive Co-Ordinator: Mark Medrano
  • Offensive Assistant: Ryan Green
  • Offensive Assistant: Charles Hayward
  • Offensive Assistant: Mitchel Sheppard
  • Defensive Assistant: Chris stokes
  • Defensive Assistant: Marius Hauber


  • Head Coach: Darryl Jones
  • Offensive Co-Ordinator: Mark Medrano
  • Defensive Co-Ordinator: Andrew Brundu
  • Offensive Assistant: Ryan Green
  • Defensive Assistant: Michael Vardavas


  • Head Coach: Tim Wakeham
  • Offensive Co-Ordinator: Soren Hauff
  • Defensive Assistant: TBA



2018 Combine and Try Outs

Join us for the 2018 Season and our Sign on, Combine and Try Outs!





Results of the 2018 AGM

The UNSW Raiders held their Annual General Meeting on Sunday 4 March 2018.

We extend our thanks to the outgoing committee members for their hard work throughout 2017 and welcome the new committee.

The new committee voted in is a follows:

  • President – Darryl Jones
  • Secretary –  Aaron McEvoy
  • Treasurer –  Andrew Brundu
  • ARC Rep –  Blake Cochran

We thank everyone that took the time to attend the meeting and look forward to a great 2018 season!




A massive year of representing!  Congratulations to the following players and coaches that have been named to the NSW State Teams and the Junior Australian Outback.

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U19 JUNIOR AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK NATION TEAM Congratulations to UNSW Raiders player, Kordell Payne, who has been named to the Australian Outback Junior National Team who will compete at the IFAF U19 World Championship to be held in Mexico City later this year!

2018 NSW COYOTES WOMEN’S STATE TEAM – The UNSW Raiders are proud to have 21 players and 5 coaches named to the 2018 NSW Coyotes squad who will compete in the WAGL in Perth at the end of May.

Congratulations to the following players: Kirstie Bridge, Jamey Burgess, Kiara Epere, Josie Fedele, Renae Hahn, Madison Helene, Alia Karmali, Lindeman Le, Eve Lichaa, Toa Luitai, Sarah Prescott, Shiloh Phillips, Danica Phillips, Stacey Speer, Hayley Tagaloa-Smith, Atelaite Taukieaho, Renee Turner, Lola Vai , Justine Vave, Kira Dargin-Barsukoff (development player) and Emma Furneaux (development player). 🏈 

We would also like to congratulate the following people on their appointment to the squad as coaches: Dane Robertson (Head Coach), Max Nina, Kate Gardiner, Kingsley Dennison,  Iindi Reti. 🏈

2018 NSW WOLFPACK MEN’S STATE TEAM – A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the following UNSW Raiders Men’s players who have been named to the 2018 NSW Wolfpack squad for this years AGL! Joey Donaghy ,  Lukas Vojnar, Marcos Delana, Maraki Toa, Troy O’hair, Stephen Douglas, Chris Ravlich and Rustum Todd. 🏈 

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2018 Annual General Meeting

Notice of 2018 UNSW Raiders Annual General Meeting

To be held at The Lakes Hotel at 2pm on Sunday 4 March 2018.

Nomination Form for a position on the executive and Proxy forms can be downloaded at the following link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfp5oxkpfvvc2vn/Proxy%20AGM%202018.docx?dl=0

All nomination and proxy forms are due by 5pm 24/2/2018 to secretary@raidersgridiron.com

Please note: Meeting is open to 2017 UNSW Raiders Members Only

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This Friday, 15 December 2017, the Championship Games were played for the 2017 RGA Youth Gridiron Season.  The RGA has been running for 4 years (starting in 2014) however this is only the 2nd year for the Friday Night competition.

Results from the games are as follows:

Under 11

  • Bowl Game = Giants 40 def Bulls 18

Under 13

  • Bowl Game = Ravens 27 def Bolts 20

Under 16

  • Bowl Game = Spartans 50 def Cheetahs 26
  • 3 v 4 = Grizzlies 33 def Bears 24

Congratulations to the Giants, Ravens and Spartans!

We would like to thank all the players and parents for supporting the program and we look forward to a bigger and better 2018!


RGA – Round 6 and Championship Games

Last Friday was the final regular season round for the RGA Youth Gridiron Academy.  Here are the results from Round 6 and the Finals Standings.



  • Dragons 21 def Jets 0
  • Bulls 21 def Giants 0


  • Ravens 62 def Bolts 33
  • Hawks 28 def Cobras 18


  • Spartans 50 def Bears 40
  • Cheetahs 30 def Grizzlies 11


This coming Friday night the 16th December 2016 is the RGA Youth Gridiron Championship!  All teams will be in action and will play off for final positions.

After the 6 week regular season game the final games of the year will be played as follows:

  • #1 vs #2 for the Bowl Trophy
  • #3 vs #4 for final placings

Each age group will be playing for a Memorial Bowl as follows:

  • Under 11’s will play for the STEPHEN JONES MEMORIAL BOWL  – The Raiders are the oldest team in Australia and were formed in 1979 by Stephen Jones.   Steve was a Gridiron fanatic and started Gridiron in Australia even before regular competitions were introduced. He pioneered the Raiders by convincing his work mates and friends to play.  Sadly Stephen passed away in 1984 in a car accident – he was 24.
  • Under 13’s will play for the FRED AND MELBA BURSON MEMORIAL BOWL –  Fred and Melba were the first people to import gridiron equipment into NSW.  Their passion and commitment as one of the main factors in the development of the sport in NSW and they will both always have a place in the hearts of the NSW football family.  Melba passed away in 2002 at the age of 71 and Fred only recently passed away in 2014 at the age of 85.
  • Under 16’s will play for the JIM MINOGUE MEMORIAL BOWL – Former Raiders Gridiron Club player Jim Minogue played for the Raiders from 1984 until 1992 and represented Australia in 2001. Jim played on the Offensive Line and he loved the game.  He moved to Queensland and finished his career playing with the Gold Coast Stingrays Gridiron. In 2007 Jim lost his life to Skin Cancer at the young age of 44.




  • 1 v 2:  Bulls vs Giants (Championship Game)
  • 3 v 4: Dragons vs Jets


  • 1 v 2:  Ravens vs Bolts (Championship Game)
  • 3 v 4: Hawks vs Cobras


  • 1 v 2: Spartans vs Cheetahs (Championship Game)
  • 3 v 4: Grizzlies vs Bears

The Championship Game will be played on the Field 1 and 3 v 4 game on the Field 2.  We look forward to seeing everyone for this very exciting evening.





This coming weekend is championship week!  The Kookaburra, Opal and Waratah Bowls will all be contested.  The UNSW Raiders Women will be defending their 3rd Opal Bowl against league newcomers Diamond Gridiron.

Last weekend we saw the second week of the finals with the following results:


  • Sutherland Seahawks 44 def Central West Giants 0
  • Sydney University Cubs 38 def UTS Gators 32


  • Diamonds Gridiron 14 def Northwestern Phoenix 12


  • Sydney University Lions 28 def UTS Gridiron 21
  • West Sydney Pirates 18 def Northern Sydney Rebels 12

Here is the lineup for Saturday 16th December 2017:

11am – KOOKABURRA BOWL (Colts)
Sutherland Seahawks vs Sydney University Cubs

2pm – OPAL BOWL (Women)
UNSW Raiders vs Diamonds Gridiron

5pm – WARATAH BOWL (Men)
West Sydney Pirates vs Sydney University Lions


2017 Finals Update

After last Saturday’s games, unfortunately, our men and colts were eliminated from the competition however our women have remained undefeated and move forward to defend their 3rd consecutive Opal Bowl.

Here are the results from the GNSW 2017 Week 1 Playoffs:


  • UTS Gridiron 22 def UNSW Raiders 14
  • Central West Giants 32 def West Sydney Pirates 6


  • UNSW Raiders 22 def Northwestern Phoenix 6
  • Diamonds Gridiron 48 def UTS Gators 0


  • Northern Sydney Rebels 20 def UNSW Raiders 0
  • UTS Gridiron 42 def Sutherland Seahawks 6


None of the UNSW Raiders teams will be playing this weekend however if you would like to check out the action here is the schedule for tomorrow’s games which are at Lidcombe Oval.

  • 10am  COLTS – Sutherland Seahawks vs Central West Giants
  • 12pm  COLTS – Sydney University Cubs vs UTS Gators
  • 2pm   WOMEN – Northwestern Phoenix vs Diamonds Gridiron
  • 4pm   MEN – Sydney University Lions vs UTS Gators
  • 7pm   MEN – West Sydney Pirates vs Northern Sydney Rebels

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RGA – Rounds 4 & 5

The past 2 Friday nights have seen Round 4 (Friday 24 November) and Round 5 (Friday 1 December) of the RGA Youth Gridiron Season.


Under 11

  • Giants 21 def Dragons 0
  • Bulls 21 def Jets 0

Under 13

  • Ravens 62 def Hawks 28
  • Bolts 45 def Cobras 22

Under 16

  • Cheetahs 7 draw Spartans 7
  • Grizzlies 21 def Bear 0


Under 11

  • Giants 7 draw Jets 7
  • Bulls 21 def Dragons 0

Under 13

  • Hawks 44 def  Bolts 42
  • Ravens 44 def Cobras 6

Under 16

  • Grizzlies 36 def Spartans 26
    Cheetahs 32 def Bears 12


NEXT GAMES – These will be the last of the regular season games. Round 6 will be held on Friday 8 December 2017 at the following times:

  • Under 11 kick off at 6.30pm
  • Under 13 kick off at 7.30pm
  • Under 16 kick off at 8.30pm

Hope to see some of you down to support and cheer on our young players.

LEAGUE LADDERS – These are updated weekly and can be found to the right of this post.

Photos: Jason Sue



This coming weekend is Week 1 of the GNSW Finals Series.  All of our UNSW Raiders teams will be in action.

  • 12.30pm COLTS – UNSW Raiders vs UTS Gators (Neptune Park)
  • 3.30pm WOMEN – UNSW Raiders vs Northwestern Phoenix (Lidcombe Oval)
  • 6.00pm MEN – UNSW Raiders vs Northern Sydney Rebels (Lidcombe Oval)

The Gridiron NSW Schedule for this weekend is as follows:


  • 12.30pm COLTS – Central West Giants (4) vs West Sydney Pirates (5)
  • 3.30pm WOMEN – UNSW Raiders (1) vs Northwestern Phoenix (2)
  • 6.00pm MEN – UNSW Raiders (5) vs Northern Sydney Rebels (4)


  • 12.30pm COLTS – UNSW Raiders (6) vs UTS Gators (3)
  • 3.30pm WOMEN – UTS Gators (4) v Diamonds Gridiron (3)
  • 6.00pm MEN – UTS Gators (3) v Sutherland Seahawks (6)


  • Colts – Sutherland Seahawks (1) and Sydney University Cubs (2)
  • Men – West Sydney Pirates (1) and Sydney University Lions (2)