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UNSW Raiders O-Line Coach

The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce Shane Dixon as there 2018 Offensive Line Coach. Shane has recently moved to Sydney from Canberra where he spent 20 years of playing and coaching in the ACT Gridiron League.

Coaching Philosophy:

There are two kinds of football attitudes – The ‘win at all cost no matter how you treat people and disrespect to all other teams’ or the ‘we play football to have some fun playing the sport we love and when we win its awesome’. I’ve played under coaches with both those kinds of attitudes and although they were both successful and won championships, believe me when I say that winning at all costs gives a hollow feeling of victory. Losing the first half of the season and fighting back with determination and trust in your team gave me a better sense of accomplishment and pride than any other coach I’ve played for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to win but football is often more than the ‘W’. It’s the guy next to you that you rely on. It’s the doing your part to help the greater good of the team. It’s the being part of a family that really makes this a great game to play in and guys to coach for. When I moved up to Sydney from Canberra, the Raiders welcomed me in and I’m happy to sit at their family table.

Coaching Experience:

  • Kambah Kestrels – 1995-1998
  • Erindale Titans – 2003
  • Junior Astros – 2004-2007
  • Tuggeranong Tornadoes (Womens) – 2012
  • Gungahlin Wildcats (Womens) – 2014
  • Gungahlin Wildcats – 2016

Coaching Qualification:

  • Gridiron Australia – Level One Gridiron Coach

Playing Experience:

  • Erindale Titans (College) – 1991
  • Canberra Sabretooths – 1992-1994
  • Tidbinbilla Space Cadets – 1993-1994
  • Canberra Tigers – 1995-2000
  • ACT Astros – 2001-2006
  • Tuggeranong Tornadoes – 2006-2012
  • ACT State Representative – 1996, 1998, 1999,  2001, 2003



RGA Youth Gridiron Academy

We are now recruiting for our RGA Youth Gridiron Program! This 5 on 5 tackle football program is open for girls and boys aged 8-16 years! For more information go to: www.raidersgridiron.com/rga


Recruiting Female Players – Introductory Special

The UNSW Raiders are recruiting female players for the upcoming season. We would like to announce an introductory offer of $150 for the month of July for all women who would like to play gridiron this year.

For more information please contact president@raidersgridiron.com for more details.



Regular Season Training Commences

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoorRegular season training commences this Tuesday 3rd July 2018 at David Phillips Sports fields from 7-9pm.  We are looking forward to seeing you all down and getting ready for the new season!

Don’t forget to register for the 2018 season here: http://www.raidersgridiron.com/registration/team-registration


Coaches Profile – Mark Medrano

UNSW RAIDERS OFFENSIVE CO-ORDINATOR The UNSW Raiders are very pleased to announce that Mark Medrano will be the Offensive Co-Ordinator for both the Men’s and Colt’s teams for the 2018 season.

Mark grew up playing Pop Warner football at the age of 8, his father was his coach for the first 5 years and was his influence to be a coach later in life.  Football was Mark’s focus in High School, and, being a quarterback he learned that he enjoyed being a leader and leading by example.  He decided to go to a smaller Division 2 College to play QB at Sonoma State University in Northern California.

It was then that he changed to the position of running back and developed a deep relationship with the weight room! He graduated with a degree in physical education and later obtained a degree in radiology technology.  Mark “found” gridiron in Australia while watching the 1986 Superbowl in Noosa and his 3 month surfing vacation turned into 14 years living in Australia.

Coaching Philosophy: Lead By Example… FAMILY!!!!!

Coaching experience:

  • Fullerton Junior College – Fullerton California 1984-85
  • Lowell High School – La Habra California 1984
  • Immaculate High School – Danbury, Connecticut 2005-2011
  • Danbury High School – Danbury, Connecticut 2011-2015


  • UNSW Raiders 2017 to present
  • West Sydney Pirates 1994-1998
  • Ryde Spartans 1991
  • Hills District Eagles 1988-1990
  • Bondi Radiers 1986-1988
  • NSW State Team

Coaches Profile – Mitchell Sheppard

We are pleased to announce the addition of Mitchell Sheppard as an Offensive Assistnat for the UNSW Raiders Men team, he will also be assisting with the RGA Youth Gridiron Program.  We welcome Mitchell to Australia and to the UNSW Raiders Gridiron Club.

Coaching Experience and Qualifications:  I recently graduated from the University of California, Davis where I played four years of Division 1 collegiate football as a Quarterback and Wide Receiver. In these four years, I was exposed to a very complex pro-style offense with a balanced rushing and passing game.

As players, we were expected to know how to read defenses and react based on defensive pre-snap and post-snap alignments and movements. While at UC Davis, I took numerous coaching classes that taught me how to interact with players, how to correctly teach an athlete, and how to have success as a coach while maintaining a healthy team culture.

Coaching Philosophy: My coaching philosophy stresses the importance of competitiveness, effort, accountability, and team unity. My teams are characterised as very high in intensity, disciplined, with a drive to win which is reflected in every practice, work out, film study, or game


Coaches Profile – Ben Fraser

UNSW RAIDERS STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING COACH – We are pleased to announce Ben Fraser as our Strength and Conditioning coach for 2018.

Ben’s goal, as strength and conditioning coach, is to assist the Raiders to become the most physically dominant team by encouraging players to unlock their full potential by working on improving every aspect of their physical performance. Each player will receive a personal assessment together with a program to assist them with their football development and conditioning. Ben wishes to provide simple, but effective, programs and guidance to help improve strength, speed, power, agility and cardiovascular fitness.


Coaching Philosophy:

“Focus on building solid foundations and the house will never fall.  Strength training is about becoming not only strong but robust and resilient to injury. Once you build those foundations you can then focus on becoming the baddest guy on the field” Ben Fraser


  • Bachelor of exercise science – UOW
  • Certificate 4 fitness
  • ASCA strength and conditioning coach level 1
  • Precision nutrition coach level 1

Coaching Experience:

  • 2014 – St George Illawarra Dragons internship (S&C)
  • 2015- Present – Personal Trainer Anytime Fitness
  • 2017- Present – Head Coach at Typhon Athletic.

Women’s American Football


UNSW Raiders are encouraging women to play American Football and are offering a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY rate of $150 for female players who have never played our game before!

We have pathways to help you learn the game, great coaching and can offer assistance with sourcing equipment.

For more information please call 0428 232304 or go to our registration page: www.raidersgridiron.com/registration/team-registration/womens-registration-2/


Coaches Profile – Darryl Jones

UNSW RAIDERS COLTS HEAD COACH – Darryl Jones will be returning for his second year as Head Coach  and third year involved with the UNSW Colts program.

Darryl has been involved with the club in a range of capacities since the clubs beginnings in 1979.  He has played in 4 championship winning seasons and represented the club at the first ever World Cup of American Football which was held in Italy in 1999.

Coaching Philosophy:  “Football has taught me many lessons which I have been able to apply to other aspects of life. My goal is not only to impart the football knowledge I have been fortunate to receive from coaches I admire and respect but to help pass on the way the lessons we learn on the field can apply to every facet of future success.”  Darryl Jones

Coaching Experience:

  • 2016: Colts Offensive co-ordinator
  • 2017 – Present: Colts head coach

Playing Experience:

  • 1996-present: Raiders gridiron club (RB/LB/ Safety)
  • 1996-2007: NSW State Representative
  • 1999:  Australian Cyclones (Safety)

Preseason “Fundamentals” Training

Join us for Preseason Fundamentals this June!

Fundamentals month is specifically designed for players new to the game.  It assists them to “get a feel” for what they can expect when regular season training begins, to become familiar with the terminology and some of the skills that may not translate from other sports.

It’s also a great opportunity for our established players to start conditioning, brush up on the skills they may have missed throughout previous seasons or learn about a new position.

It’s also fabulous for those who just can’t wait to get out there!

Sessions during the month of June will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the following times:

  • Colts from 6pm-7pm
  • Men and Women from 7pm-8.30pm

We have 2 new coaches this year who have both previously played Division 1 USA College Football and they arrive in time to bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to these sessions.

Regular season training starts from July so if you’re thinking of joining us this year the Fundamental Preseason  sessions are for you!



Coaches Profile – Andrew Brundu

UNSW RAIDERS MEN’S HEAD COACH The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce Andrew Brundu as the  2018 Men’s Head Coach.  Andrew has been a valuable member of the club for many years and we wish him every success for the coming season.

Coaching Philosophy: “Playing football is about 2 words “Discipline & Fun.” You must be disciplined to play football but football needs to be fun. We want our players to enjoy playing a game that has taught me so many life lessons and in turn to have so many wonderful memories and amazing life friends. Its a tough goal, to have a player smiling during collision, but its a goal I think all our coaches can achieve.” Andrew Brundu

Coaching Experience: 

  • Defensive Coach for the Raiders Gridiron Club from 1987 -1993, 2008 and 2016 till current
  • Defensive Coach for NSW from 1988 – 1992 winning the first National championship as a player/coach.

Playing Experience:

  • Raiders Gridiron Club from 1983 as a Tight End
  • Played is every NSW State Team from 1987 through to 1993
  • Raiders Gridiron Club from 1984 – 1993 as a Line Backer



Coaches Profile – Ryan Green

We are pleased to announce the addition of Ryan Green as an Offensive Coach for the UNSW Raiders Men and Colts teams.  Ryan will also be assisting with RGA Youth Gridiron Program.  We welcome Ryan to Australia and to the UNSW Raiders Gridiron Club.

Coaching Experience: Ryan has just finished his final year of eligibility playing Division 1 football at the University of California Davis where he played Wide Receiver however he has had not previous coaching experience.

His Philosophy: “As I have just finished my playing career in the states, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience of playing Division 1 college football with others, especially internationally.

Playing under multiple coaching staffs during my 5 years at UC Davis, I saw many things that worked and many things that didn’t work and with this knowledge, I hope to improve the Raiders staff. I believe having fun playing the sport lies at the basis of success, and I plan to bring my energy and youth to make sure this goal is fulfilled.”  Ryan Green


Coaches Profile – Tim Wakeham

UNSW RAIDERS WOMEN’S HEAD COACH The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce Tim Wakeham as our 2018 Women’s Head Coach.  Tim has a wealth of experience coaching women’s football in Europe and we wish him every success for the coming season.

Coaching Philosophy: “To me, American football is the ultimate team sport and a perfect mix of strategy and power.  As an *“old man”*, I have a fondness for old-style option & power football but it’s been both fun and challenging learning more about spread style offences over the last few years.  I enjoy helping others not only improve their skills, but also their knowledge of American football. Good players and coaches never stop learning and I hope that each year, while helping others, I can also improve my own knowledge and skills as a coach.”  Tim Wakeham

Coaching Experience:

  • UNSW Raiders 2017
  • Solna Chiefs U17 2017
  • Swedish Ladies National Team 2015
  • Stockholm Mean Machines Ladies 2015-2016
  • Stockholm Mean Machines Superserien 2013-2015
  • Newcastle Cobras 2011-2013
  • Newcastle Pirates Juniors 1994-1996

Coaching Qualification:

  • Gridiron Australia – Level One Gridiron Coach (2012)

Playing Experience:

  • Newcastle Cobras 1989-1995
  • NSW 1992-1993
  • Sutherland Seahawks 1997-1999
  • Tuggeranong Tornadoes 2000-2002
  • ACT 2001



2018 Coaching Staff

The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce the coaching staff for 2018. We wish them and our teams all the very best of luck for the upcoming season!


  • Head Coach: Andrew Brundu
  • Offensive Co-Ordinator: Mark Medrano
  • Offensive Assistant: Ryan Green
  • Offensive Assistant: Charles Hayward
  • Offensive Assistant: Mitchell Sheppard
  • Defensive Assistant: Chris Stokes
  • Defensive Assistant: Marius Hauber


  • Head Coach: Darryl Jones
  • Offensive Co-Ordinator: Mark Medrano
  • Defensive Co-Ordinator: Andrew Brundu
  • Offensive Assistant: Ryan Green
  • Defensive Assistant: Michael Vardavas


  • Head Coach: Tim Wakeham
  • Offensive Co-Ordinator: Soren Hauff
  • Defensive Assistant: TBA



2018 Combine and Try Outs

Join us for the 2018 Season and our Sign on, Combine and Try Outs!