Australian Selection

Over the Years the Raiders have had many players represent the Australian Outback.outback 1111

2018- Junior Australian Outback U19 National Team

  • PLAYERS – Kordell Payne

2017 – Australian Outback Women’s National Team (Langley, Canada)

  • PLAYERS – Kirstie Bridge, Jasmin Collins, Renae Hahn
  • COACHES – Dane Robertson
  • TEAM MANAGER – Elissa Manera
  • STAFF – Paul Manera, Stacey Speer, Kate Gardiner,

2016 – Australian Outback Development Trip – Tahiti

  • PLAYERS – Ben Raglione, Nathan Grumley, Max Nina, Aaron McEvoy and Marcos  Delana
  • COACHES – Paul Manera – Interim Head Coach & OC and
    Isaac Gonzalez – QB
  • TEAM MANAGER – Elissa Manera

2015 – IFAF World Championships (Canton, Ohio)

  • PLAYER: Samuel Reilly (Defensive End) and Viliami Folau (Defensive Tackle)
  • COACH: Paul Manera (Offensive Co-Ordinator & Offensive Line Coach)
  • TEAM MANAGER & CDM: Elissa Manera

2011 – IFAF World Championships (Sweden)

  • PLAYER: Ernie Christensen (Offensive Line)


  • PLAYER: Roy Morgan (Defensive End)


  • PLAYER: Vincent Morgillo (Running Back)
  • PLAYER: Daniel Diprose (Centre)
  • COACH: Peter Tos Snr (Quarterbacks)
  • COACH: Paul Manera (Head Coach)

1999 – 1st ever Men’s World Cup (Palermo, Sicily)

  • PLAYER: Daryl Jones (Defensive Back)
  • PLAYER: Peter Tos Jnr (Quarterback & Centre)
  • PLAYER: Matt Williams (Linebacker)
  • PLAYER: Michael Vardavas (Defensive End)
  • PLAYER: Daniel Diprose (Centre)
  • COACH: Peter Tos Snr (Offensive Co-Ordinator)
  • COACH: Paul Manera (Offensive Line Coach)

We  welcome all former players to contact us at and let us know what year you played for the Raiders and what year you represented Australia.