UNSW RAIDERS AGM Results – 2017

The UNSW Raiders AGM was held at 2pm on Sunday 12th May 2017 at David Phillips Sports Fields.

The election for executive members was run in accordance to our constitution.  There was a uninanimous decision to increase the number of members of the committee from 9 to 11.

The UNSW Raiders Gridiron Club would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing executive members, Remy Coleman and Ben Raglione,  for all their hard work and support throughout 2016 and we congratulate the newly elected executive.

With preseason almost upon us we look forward to a fantastic 2017 for our club both on and off the field.


President: Blake Cochran

Vice President: Andrew Brundu

Treasurer: Paul Manera

Secretary: Amir Yasaman

Arc Delegate: Rebecca Bermejo

Ordinary Members:

  • Kate Gardiner
  • Renae Hahn
  • Darryl Jones
  • Tommy Larkin
  • Elissa Manera
  • Jarrod Ralley

Director of Football Operations: Paul Manera

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