– Where and when is training?

  • This year we are allowing our coaches to focus more on the individual team instead of having their attention span across multiple teams. This means that:
    • Mens training will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Womens and Colts will be on Mondays and Wednesdays

All training will be at the UNSW David-Phillips Sport Field

32 Banks Ave, Pagewood NSW 2035

– What times are practice?

  • All training will be at the same time for all teams on their respective days – 7.30pm to 9.30pm

– What are the teams?

  • MEN: 18yrs+
  • COLTS: 15-19yrs
  • WOMEN: 18yrs +

– What’s the deal with try outs?

  • We don’t hold formal ‘try outs’ as such. We always have space for players who come to training and work hard. Coaches will be able to assist and advise you what position best suits your skills.

– What extra gear do I need?

  •  You will require a helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, knee pads and girdle. The girdle includes tail, hip and thigh pads. We are happy to give you advice on what equipment will suit you best.

 – Why should I play for your club?

  • The UNSW Raiders have a rich and proud tradition as the oldest surviving Gridiron club in Australia. Our recent affiliation with UNSW means that we have access to world class facilities for training and games and we also have professional level training equipment. We are passionate about helping our club members to achieve their goals in our sport – be they physical, social or otherwise.

– When is season/preseason,  I play rugby/AFL/other sport, will this clash?

  • Preseason starts in the first week of June. The season starts in the last week of August or the first week of September and runs until December. We also run activities in the offseason (Feb to May). People who have played other contact sports generally have athletic skills that translate well to gridiron.

– Do I need to be a UNSW student?

  • No you do not need to be a UNSW student to join our club, the UNSW Raiders is open to everybody

– Is it safe for my child?

  • We teach our players how to tackle and hit safely.  All of our coaches are accredited with the national body (Gridiron Australia), which teaches safe contact.

– Do you have any train up squads?

  • Players who join up late in a season or who don’t feel quite ready to play matches are welcome to attend training sessions as development players.