Tonight was Round 6 of the RGA Youth Gridiron Competition – there are only 3 weeks before the finals!

In the Under 10 competition we saw the Jets win their first game of the season and the Giants suffered their first defeat putting their record to 5-1 however they retain the top spot in the ladder.  The Hawks continue to dominate first place on the Under 12 leader board with a 5-1 record and in the Under 14’s the Cheetahs have knocked the Grizzlies into second place and hold first place with a 5-1 record.


To see the standings for the competition please look to the right and scroll down to the standings table which is labelled RGA.

Here are the Round 6 results:

UNDER 10’s

  • Jets 27 def Dragons 26
  • Bulls 45 def Giants 12

UNDER 12’s

  • Bolts 28 def Ravens 22
  • Hawks 41 def Cobras 12

UNDER 14’s

  • Grizzlies 37 def Cheetahs 22
  • Bears 34 def Spartans 19

Once again, we congratulate the players, coaches and officials for playing in the spirit of the game and we look forward to Round 7 next week! #rga #youthfootball #growingthegame #round6

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