2016 Presentation Day

This past Sunday, 4 December 2016, was the UNSW Raiders Annual Presentation Day held at The Lakes Hotel in Rosebery.  What an awesome afternoon!  We were pleased to have Wayne Jones, brother of current player Darryl Jones and Raiders Founder Stephen Jones, join us for this special afternoon and to speak to the the club members about his late brother Stephen’s passion for football and how he would love to see what the Raiders are becoming – a  family once more!

As with any presentation afternoon, there were many people to thank and many awards to be handed out however the first order of the day was to congratulate our Back to Back Undefeated Opal Bowl Champions, the UNSW Raiders Women, on a fantastic end to their 2016 season!

Next on the proceedings was to acknowledge all of the Raiders that have represented the club this year at State and at the National level.  They are:

  • NSW Wolfpack (PLAYERS – Joey Donaghy, Rob Seymour, Ben Raglione, Rustum Todd, Marcos Delana and Christian Gaitau. COACH – Michael Vrcelj – QBs & WRs)
  • NSW Coyotes (PLAYERS – Renae Hahn (Captain), Kate Gardiner (Captain), Stacey Speer, Shiloh Phillips, Evette Lichaa, Atelaite Taukeiaho and Hayley Tagaloa-Smith and COACHES – Dane Robertson – DC and Tommy Larkin – OC)
  • U19 Junior National Team that went to China (COACH – Michael Vrcelj – QBs & WRs)
  • Senior Outback Development Squad that traveled to Tahiti (PLAYERS – Ben Raglione, Nathan Grumley, Max Nina, Aaron McEvoy and Marcos Delana, COACHES – Paul Manera – Interim Head Coach & OC and Isaac Gonzalez – QB and TEAM MANAGER – Elissa Manera).

Well done to all the players and coaches on their achievements! You can find a list of all our Representative players here: https://www.raidersgridiron.com/nsw-selection/ and here https://www.raidersgridiron.com/australian-selection/.

We then went on to give a special thank you to those that help us out through the year.  These people are not players or coaches but rather friends and family that help out along the way.  This year special thanks goes to:

  • James Rustja – for helping out wherever needed
  • Helen Taylor – for providing half time oranges for the players
  • Amy Hutchings – for always helping out at our home game BBQ’s (not present on the day)

2-james 1-helen

  • Ethan Reid, John Nielson and Luca Brundu – water technicians for the men’s and women’s teams
  • Cooper Bundu – for taking statistics and helping out the men’s coaching staff









We then congratulated the following 2 people on their special awards:

  • Dane Robertson for his 10 Year’s of service to the club as a player and coach.
  • Andrew Brundu was award CLUB PERSON OF THE YEAR to  for his tireless efforts in assisting the club to field a Colts team (the first time in 3 years) and his ongoing work towards helping everyone in the club and just assisting to make it a better place for everyone.











A club is built around the people that run it and to be on an executive takes a lot of extra time and commitment.  We thank the current executive – Blake Cochran, Remy Coleman, Paul Manera, Ben Raglione, Tommy Larkin, Renae Hahn, Darryl Jones and Elissa Manera for all of their hard work through out the year.

In addition to the Executive, no team or club can exist without it’s coaching staff.  We are very blessed at the Raiders to have such a great group of dedicated coaches!   We thank the coaches for everything they do and congratulate them on a fantastic 2016 season and we look forward to an even more successful 2017 season!


(from left to right: Michael Vrcelj, Chris Stokes, Dane Robertson, Charles Haywood, Guy Safran, Blake Cochran, Andrew Brundu, Paul Manera, Darryl Jones, Isaac Gonzalez and John Reilly)

The final item on our official agenda for the afternoon was the announcement of the 2016  Helmet Stickers and Warrior Club Winners.  At the UNSW Raiders, players are awarded Helmet Stickers for  Club Contribution, Preparation & Training and Performance on the Field.  If a player receives a Helmet Sticker in all 3 categories they are awarded Warrior Club and receive a jacket. Congratulations to all of the following players for winning warrior club!

  • COLTS  – Jahvia Peters
  • WOMEN – Renae Hahn, Hayley Tagaloa-Smith and Holly Ferneley (not present on the day)
  • MEN – Matthew Maiava, Joey Donaghy, Sam Reilly, Victor Faletogo, Darryl Jones, Lukas Vojnar and Ben Raglione (not present on the day)


Here is a full list of Helmet Sticker and Warrior Club recipients (please click on the image to enlarge).  Congratulations to all the players!


To see all the photos from the afternoon go to our Facebook Album.

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