2019 SEASON – WEEK 13

The UNSW Raiders Colts were up 20-2 with 3 minutes left in the game and thought to be cruising for the win, but a late surging Rebels drew back the scoreline in a heart racing final few minutes leaving the Colts clinging onto the lead finishing out the game 20-16. It’s been a huge turnaround for the Colts going from scoring only 14 points through two games to scoring well over 100pts in four games. “We’ve really found some productive combinations and got better today.” Headcoach Daryl Jones said of the win. “We held our composure under fire and learned how to close out a game.” The Colts have one more game to win to ensure a spot in the finals making next week’s game a must win for them.
Both the Mens and Womens team had a bye today.

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