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We are pleased to announce the addition of Ryan Green as an Offensive Coach for the UNSW Raiders Men and Colts teams.  Ryan will also be assisting with RGA Youth Gridiron Program.  We welcome Ryan to Australia and to the UNSW Raiders Gridiron Club.

Coaching Experience: Ryan has just finished his final year of eligibility playing Division 1 football at the University of California Davis where he played Wide Receiver however he has had not previous coaching experience.

His Philosophy: “As I have just finished my playing career in the states, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience of playing Division 1 college football with others, especially internationally.

Playing under multiple coaching staffs during my 5 years at UC Davis, I saw many things that worked and many things that didn’t work and with this knowledge, I hope to improve the Raiders staff. I believe having fun playing the sport lies at the basis of success, and I plan to bring my energy and youth to make sure this goal is fulfilled.”  Ryan Green

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