Raiders Comeback from 20 – 0 vs Preds

The Raiders came up big with a huge second half effort for a comeback victory in thier Week 8 match-up against the Predators.

Preds scored first late in the 1st Qtr, and managed two more scores before the end of the half. The Raiders D did well vs the Predators 2pt Conversions – allowing only 2pts from a possible 6.

Halftime: Predators 20 – 0 Raiders

The Raiders turned it all around and forced a number of INTs in the 3rd Qtr. (RB) Dean Borghuis and (WR) Kenny Macieira showed they could play both ways managing to pick off the Preds QB once each, with a 3rd INT coming from (FS) Dane Robertson. Great containment and pressure by the Defensive Line in the 2nd Half played a huge part forcing turnovers.

On the otherside of the ball, the Raiders O capitalised quickly on turnovers and rallied to a 26 – 20 lead at the end of the 3rd Qtr. (QB) Elliot Rovedi found (WR) Kent Nguyen twice behind coverage for long TD strikes, while (WR) Kenny Macieira’s MVP effort tore up the field with multiple short catches for huge yardage and a TD of his own.

In the 4th Qtr the Preds found thier way into the endzome for the draw, but the Raiders O struck back quickly to hold the lead. The Raiders D stayed strong in the final moments of the game and held on to lead for the victory.

Final Score Predators 26 – 33 Raiders

See the highlights here:


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