Raiders Lose to the Mustangs

The Raiders have come up against their usual course of kicking ass in to gear in the second half of the game but this wasn’t enough to beat the Mustangs that won 14 – 7.

The wettest game of the season started well with an amazing drive following a kick return we failed to get to the end zone by a couple of yards. After this it was all downhill for the rest of the first half with the offence failing to put any points on the board and defence conceding two TD’s.

The game was paused at half time due to a lightning storm with the score 14 – 7 Mustangs way. The players almost gave up hope that the game would kick on (the official ruling would have been game Mustangs way due to the clock reaching half time) when suddenly it was called back and second half kicked off in the rain!

Second half, the defence patched up whatever needed patching and fought hard not to let any more Mustangs in to our end zone and did a great job at it. Offence also lifted their game with a TD but of course this wasn’t enough to win.

The Raiders now look forward to playing the Lions for the “Foundation Shovel” at 19:00 on Saturday the 13th of October in Neptune park in Revesby.

The lions are the best in the comp so it should be a hard hitting very anticipated game!

See you there

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