Congratulations to UNSW Raiders that have been selected to play on the NSW Wolfpack and NSW Coyotes State Teams in the 2016 Australian Gridiron League National Competition (AGL & WAGL)




NSW WOLFPACK – Congratulations to Rob Seymour, Joey Donaghy and Ben Raglione who have been selected as players and congratulations also to Michael Vrcelj who is a coach with the squad.

NSW COYOTES – Congratulations to players: Kate Gardiner, Adela Greenbaum, Renae Hahn, Evette Lichaa, Shiloh Phillips, Stacey Speer, Hayley Tagaloa-Smith, Atelaite Taukeiaho and to coaches Tommy Larkin (OC) and Dane Robertson (DC).


NSW Wolfpack
– vs Western Australia – 16 April (Perth)
– vs Queensland – 30 April (Brisbane)
– vs South Australia – 7 May (Sydney)

NSW Coyotes
– vs Queensland – 30 April (Queensland)
– vs Queensland – 7 May (Sydney)
– vs Queensland – 14 May (Queensland)

Games will be streamed on this link:

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