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Before the start of the 2011 season, the Raiders introduced a new awards system called WARRIOR CLUB. This replaced the system of giving awards to individuals such as ‘Most Valuable Player’ and will instead honor three important criteria.


  • Player must attend at least 80% of all training, starting from pre-season
  • Player must be on time for training
  • Player must give full effort at training
  • Player must be able to take coaching and actively seek to become a better football player
  • Player must learn the assignments that are given to him by studying the playbook in free time
  • Player must be athletic enough for his position


  • Player must perform at a high level during matches, winning in direct one-on-one situations and executing his assignments in the play
  • Player must display a good level of sportsmanship
  • Player must be selfless, knowing and performing tasks for the benefit of the team not himself

Club Contribution

  • Player must attend and help at team functions such as fundraisers
  • Player must pay club fees on time
  • Player must be courteous and respectful to team mates and club members

Should a player satisfies the points of one section, they will receive a helmet sticker for each category. They will then wear the sticker awards during the next season, to show their achievement in previous years.

Should a player achieve in all three categories, they will also become a member of Warrior Club for that season. These members will also earn special recognition from the team, and will receive a specially made shirt.