Coaches Profile – Tim Wakeham

UNSW RAIDERS WOMEN’S HEAD COACH The UNSW Raiders are pleased to announce Tim Wakeham as our 2018 Women’s Head Coach.  Tim has a wealth of experience coaching women’s football in Europe and we wish him every success for the coming season.

Coaching Philosophy: “To me, American football is the ultimate team sport and a perfect mix of strategy and power.  As an *“old man”*, I have a fondness for old-style option & power football but it’s been both fun and challenging learning more about spread style offences over the last few years.  I enjoy helping others not only improve their skills, but also their knowledge of American football. Good players and coaches never stop learning and I hope that each year, while helping others, I can also improve my own knowledge and skills as a coach.”  Tim Wakeham

Coaching Experience:

  • UNSW Raiders 2017
  • Solna Chiefs U17 2017
  • Swedish Ladies National Team 2015
  • Stockholm Mean Machines Ladies 2015-2016
  • Stockholm Mean Machines Superserien 2013-2015
  • Newcastle Cobras 2011-2013
  • Newcastle Pirates Juniors 1994-1996

Coaching Qualification:

  • Gridiron Australia – Level One Gridiron Coach (2012)

Playing Experience:

  • Newcastle Cobras 1989-1995
  • NSW 1992-1993
  • Sutherland Seahawks 1997-1999
  • Tuggeranong Tornadoes 2000-2002
  • ACT 2001


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