NSW Coyotes Head Coach Appointment

The UNSW Raiders would like to congratulate our current Women’s Head Coach, Dane Robertson, on his appointment as the NSW Coyotes Women’s State Team Head Coach – we wish you all the best for the upcoming WAGL!

Coach Robertson is reigning back to back undefeated NSW champions and the most successful team in the GNSW women’s division.

Dane stepped into coaching over 7 years ago serving as the defensive coordinator for the 2014 NSW Womens State campaign, and also just returned from the 2017 Women’s World Championship where he was a positional coach for wide receivers and defensive backs for the inaugural Australian Outback Women’s National Team.

Coach Robertsons’ dedication to furthering women’s gridiron in NSW, his experience and impressive resume assures that he was the most suitable choice for the NSW State Womens program in 2018.

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